About Us

Each director of the One for Two Education Foundation credits their higher education for the opportunity they had in life and are determined to “pay-it-forward” in an innovative way. These successful entrepreneurs each had their lives transformed by their education. With the cost of higher education rising at a rate significantly higher than the overall rate of inflation, and the difficulty of obtaining scholarship funds, the directors recognized a need for exceptionally promising students to have access to scholarship funds to defray the cost of their post-secondary education.

The inspiration for the “One for Two” concept is rooted in the naturally occurring phenomenon of duplication as a form of growth and regeneration. One can observe this phenomenon in DNA replication (PCR), cell division (mitosis), nuclear chain reaction (fission), and fractals (pattern replication).

Likewise, assuming each participating scholar “pays-it-forward” at year 10, within 50 years each initial scholar would replicate 62 additional scholars. Through the generosity of the directors, it is the foundation’s goal to fund the first 60 scholarships that, using this phenomenon, would replicate into more than 120,000 scholarships over the next century.